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School is about more than intellectual development. For example, in kindergarten there are significant emotional, social, and physical developmental factors to consider. Transitional kindergarten is a bridge between pre-kindergarten and kindergarten that gives children additional development time without holding them back in pre-kindergarten for another year. Most importantly, a transitional year is not a lost year, because a child who completes transitional kindergarten then has the opportunity to move into traditional kindergarten or test into 1st grade.


Specific situations that could benefit from transitional kindergarten:

  • Young 5-year-olds.

  • Children with learning or social delays.

  • 5-year-olds who have been developmentally impacted by COVID-19.


Transitional Curriculum

The main difference between transitional and traditional kindergarten is not in the daily schedule or curriculum, but the pace of the class. Since transitional kindergarten is designed to serve students who are not quite ready for kindergarten, the pace of the class is slower to ensure all of our students are grasping the foundational academic, social, and emotional skills needed to be successful as they move on to kindergarten or first grade.


*To learn more about our kindergarten curriculum, please visit our traditional kindergarten page.

Class Schedule

Monday - 9am to 2pm

Tuesday - 9am to 2pm

Wednesday - 9am to 2pm

Thursday - 9am to 2pm

Friday - 9am to 2pm

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