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  • What is your average class size?
    Our average class size is between 10-12 students.
  • Are you a daycare?
    We are a child care facility that offers preschool and kindergarten classes to students between the ages of 2.5 - 6 years old.
  • What are your hours?
    Our general hours are 9am - 2pm, however, some of our younger classes only run from 9am - 12pm. We do offer optional lunch from 12pm - 1pm every day and optional after school activities from 1pm - 2pm on M/W/F.
  • Do children get time to play outside?
    Yes! We are firm believers in physical activity and have ample space for our students to run and play. When the weather is nice, they will be taken to our outdoor play area, which is fenced in and has a playset. On days when there is inclement weather, the kids will be taken to our 6,000sqft gymnasium for their play time.
  • What is your curriculum like?
    Our curriculum is academic based rather than play based. This means that we put a much heavier emphasis on academics, including: math, literacy, science, social studies, geography, art, and social skills.
  • Is your building secure?
    Yes, we have a electronic access system that secures the main entrance to the building and the hallway doors leading to the classrooms. The premises are also monitored via video surveilance with cameras located in the hallways, in the foyer, and in the parking lot.
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