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3yr Old Class

Our 3-year-old Seekers program focuses on building a solid academic foundation while also creating opportunities for your child to expand their social and emotional skills. Additionally, we incorporate academic repetition during structured activities and play, which ensures we maintain balance across all of your child's attributes as they learn and grow. Lastly, we make sure our students experience a balanced variety of  individual, small, and large group activities each day to help them learn and adjust to different social environments. ​


Class Schedule

Monday - 9am to 12pm

Wednesday - 9am to 12pm

Friday - 9am to 12pm

*Lunch available from 12-1 as an add-on. **After-school activities available from 1-2pm as an add-on.


Our Seekers Learn:

  • Math foundational skills via counting, matching, identification, sequencing, and patterns.

  • Oral language through group activities and interaction with peers and teachers.

  • Pre-reading skills through beginning sounds and letter recognition.

  • Vocabulary and comprehension through reading time every day.

  • Handwriting foundation via activities that practice the use of strokes which form letters.

  • Social skills: taking turns, sharing, following classroom rules and directions, and learning how to transition from one activity to another.

  • Emotional skills: making choices, trying new things, conflict resolution, expanding their attention span, and learning to choose an activity and stay on task until completion.

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