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4yr Old Class

Our Scholars Program is a rigorous academic class with a goal of preparing our 4-year-olds and young 5-year-olds for Kindergarten and beyond.  This year of pre-kindergarten is a crucial time to solidify their academic foundation. Therefore, a heavy emphasis will be placed on math and literacy skills. Additionally, our scholars will continue to be engaged in diverse social situations throughout their day to help them develop socially and emotionally. 


Our Scholars Learn:

  • Math concepts, such as number sense, addition, subtraction, geometry, and algebra.

  • Reading skills and concepts, such as reinforcing prior knowledge of letters, phonemic awareness, rhyming, poetry, word structure, word sounds, word families, and sight word introduction.

  • Science and social studies are introduced in theme based lessons.

  • Creativity through process art and music.

  • Writing skills via our Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum.

  • Oral skills are refined through group discussions and show and tell opportunities.

Class Schedule

Monday - 9am to 12pm

Tuesday - 9am to 12pm

Wednesday - 9am to 12pm

Thursday - 9am to 12pm

Friday - 9am to 12pm

*Lunch available from 12-1pm as an add-on.

**After-school activities available from 1-2pm as an add-on.

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